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Tel Aviv Views: Photos by Avraham Soskin and Ran Erde, 1909-2009


In 1926, legendary Tel Aviv photographer Avraham Soskin published the album “Tel Aviv Views”. In 2009 Ran Erde took photographs at the exact same places. This album places the historical and contemporary photographs side by side.

Avraham Soskin (1881, Russia–1963, Tel Aviv, Israel) was a Jewish photographer who documented the building of the new Israeli state. He was known at “The photographer of Tel Aviv”, having pictured the famous draw of land-plots in “Ahuzat Bayit”, the neighborhood from which the city formed. Ran Erde is a renown architectural-photographer, based in Tel Aviv.

Format: 70 pages, 16cm x 22cm (6.3" x 8.7"), photos in color and black/white, English, German & Hebrew, paperback
Publisher: Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv, 2009
ISBN-13: 9789659060665
ISBN-10: 9659060661