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Dwelling on the Dunes | Des Maisons sur le Sable — Book

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Dwelling on the Dunes: Tel Aviv: Modern Movement and Bauhaus Ideals

Des maisons sur le sable: Tel-Aviv: Mouvement Moderne et Esprit Bauhaus

By Prof. Arch. Nitza Metzger-Szmuck The most comprehensive work about many of Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus buildings with biographies of key architects and their work in Tel Aviv. Many old and new pictures and drawings.

Nitza Metzger Szmuk (Hebrew: ניצה מצגר סמוק) is an Israeli architect, and Emet Prize laureate in architecture for her work on documentation and preservation of Tel Aviv's ״White City״. She also received the Rokach Prize in 2001.

Format: 447 pages, 29 x 24 cm (11.4"x9.4"), English & French, paperback, 2004
Publisher: L’Éclat
ISBN-13: 9782841620777
ISBN-10: 2841620778

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