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Bauhaus In Birobidzhan: 80 Years of Jewish Settlement in the Far East of USSR — Book


Edited by Prof. Ber Boris Kotlerman & Arch. Shmuel Yavin Birobidzhan is a unique sociopolitical phenomenon as it was declared by the Soviet government as a Jewish autonomous region. But how did modern architecture find its way to there? This book tells the fascinating story of a German school affecting a Jewish minority in the Soviet state.

Ber Boris Kotlerman is Prof. in the Department of Literature of the Jewish People, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Bar-Ilan University. He has written and edited more than 10 books in the field and published numerous articles.

Format: 155 pages, 24cm x 25cm (9.4" x 9.8"), English, Russian & Hebrew, ca. 200 images, hardcover
Publisher: Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv, 2008
ISBN-13: 9789659060641
ISBN-10: 9659060645